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F# for Scientists ebook

F# for Scientists by Jon Harrop

F# for Scientists

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F# for Scientists Jon Harrop ebook
ISBN: 0470242116, 9780470242117
Format: pdf
Publisher: Wiley-Interscience
Page: 370

Apr 30, 2014 - We are looking for applied scientists who are passionate about applying machine learning and data mining techniques to a variety of exciting applications for enterprises and consumers. Feb 20, 2009 - But the engineering and science types need a little love too, which with imperative programming such as C#, Java is not really able to supply. Jan 19, 2010 - If you look through the code samples in a book such as F# for Scientists they are breathtaking in their elegance, given what they achieve. Importance of those paradigms) such as parallel processing (which used to be almost exclusively FORTRAN with extensions and is now often functional programming languages like F#). Blue Mountain Capital recently released Deedle, an open source library for exploratory data analysis written in F# by the brilliant Tomas Petricek and others. Sep 2, 2008 - If you goal is to attract users in the scientific community, that might be fine. Jon Harrop, the owner of Flying Frog Consultancy, has released his F# book, F# for Scientists. But if your goal is to attract developers in the mainstream, it is not going to work. Jan 10, 2014 - Experiences with technical computing on the Microsoft . There was a whole heap of story BEFORE that. Jun 23, 2010 - F#@k all'a y'all!

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